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Guys, we want to share with you our experience of brand building and the process of bringing it to market using the methods of PartyZan marketing. The main part of the project was implemented in May-October 2020. The success of the project was ensured by the joint work of the mega-productive team of the customer and us as an agency.

The case will be interesting for marketers, businesses, anyone interested in branding, advertising, promotion. Warning! The text is a long read and contains a lot of marketing terminology.

We remind you that PartyZan marketing is an unusual, but effective method of promoting goods and services through creative tools and communication channels. This is the approach we used in the development and launch of the brand for the craft beer producer from Lutsk.


Producer and distributor of kvass and other soft drinks with production in Lutsk decides to invest in beer production. For this purpose, a modern factory with European standards, approaches, equipment is being built, which becomes a serious competitor to local Pavlivka, Zeman, and small producers of low-alcohol.


Working on the strategy, it was obvious that conservative product promotion models would not work. In the beer market, the consumer buys not just a product, but an emotion, a habit, and a certain way of life. The importance of branding in the beer category today competes with the category of strong alcohol.

When choosing communication channels, we realized that we do not have a budget for the classic ATL – TV, radio, outdoor. Elections to local authorities scheduled for October 25, 2020 also played an important role, so it was difficult to count on the effective lease of outdoor advertising space. The focus was made on design tools, the right approach to the design of retail outlets, non-standard promotion through social networks, and most importantly – on a creative idea.

As the production facilities and retail outlets are located in Lutsk – accordingly, when choosing naming, they stopped at the name “Luchan” proposed by the customer – namely “resident of Lutsk”. One of the tasks of the project was to integrate the beer brand into the city brand – due to proper communication we had to create a connection “beer – city”.


Market research has shown that it is not worth “head-on” to compete with mass-market brands and use industry-standard approaches. Three huge breweries in Ukraine produce about 98% of all beer consumed. A total of 98 industries operate on the market, which “brew” up to 600 thousand liters of beer a year. Accordingly, both their experience and the approach to marketing and communications of European breweries served as a benchmark.

In the conditions of the saturated market and high competition the choice of a brand of beer by the consumer is influenced by its way of life, world views, and values. The film fan chooses Stella Artois, a football fan – Carlsberg, party girls – +1664 Blanc, drinks with his father in the country house – Opillia, hunting-fishing – “Arsenal” and so on. But in most cases, such a decision is made unconsciously.


Before we started working on the beer brand’s corporate identity, we were looking for a key point. It became an abandoned water tower on the territory of the plant. The logic was as follows – the tower is a symbol of famous cities – Paris, London, Pisa. We also used the image of the tower, but made it “beer pressured”. The legend of the brand tells the story that beer deposits were found in this area and this tower is used to “pump” beer from the ground.


To implement the idea, several series of labels were developed, merch for sale in stores, visualizations for the sightseeing route, navigation system for production, branded cars, mobile food truck, production facilities, specially made lids and containers of various formats, price tags, packages, souvenirs, glasses, sticker packs, invitations, flyers, questionnaires, loyalty cards… To work with influencers, a special gift tasting set was developed, which special girls-messengers delivered to local influencers – bloggers and owners of HoReCa establishments.

Retail point

As the consumer perceives the product through the the retail outlet – a separate development of a retail concept for a branded store was created. When working on the project as a benchmark, we used the style of alpine chalets. Therefore, the first renovated store, built from scratch, received stained glass windows, characteristic canopies, high ceilings, and modern, high-quality merchandising. From the point of view of ergonomics, the new store can operate in “day” and “night” mode, as well as simultaneously serve several customers flows. A stylized beer consumption area was also designed near the store – a stylized food court.


With the chosen strategy, social networks and local media became an important channel of communication. Work with the local press started in advance. The campaign started a month before the official opening of the brewery. Several publications began reporting about beer scientists, who explored beer deposits in the region and are going to extract them. Hype and historical themes were also used to promote the beer theme. For example, the fact that local authorities could not open a fountain in the city’s central square was beaten as if the beer found “in the bowels of the earth” was an obstacle to running water in the fountain, because there is beer foam. It was also initiated that during the congress of monarchs, which took place in the Middle Ages in the city, so much intoxicating drink was spilled into the ground that it can now be easily extracted with the help of “beer towers”.

Social networks Facebook, Instagram, local media, and the public were used to spread this news. Immediately after the “release” of such information, the news went viral and worked for the newly created brand.


Excursions to the brewery became a special channel of communication. A project to re-equip the old bomb shelter was developed, the necessary advertising and information materials were created and manufactured, and a tasting room was equipped. Despite the restrictions associated with lockdowns, the first tours started with the help of a specially trained guide.

The scenario of the excursion and scripts of answers to topical questions were written down. During the visit, guests are invited to taste the ingredients of beer, tell about the history of this drink, the culture of pubs, the role of beer in civilization, production technologies, varieties, beverages, taste characteristics, brewing methods, special beer utensils, preparation process water, etc. Today, going underground, visitors can closely get to know the brand, with the help of fake taps “pump” the drink for tasting and get an emotional charge.


Summing up the results of this project, it should be noted that despite the general information noise, expensive resources and communication channels, the general economic and epidemiological situation, brands with creative ideas, extraordinary techniques, correct information policy, and viral provocative content can and should be promoted.

We hope that when visiting Lutsk you get on a tour of the plant “Luchan” and appreciate not only the taste of beer but also the “points of contact” of the brand.

Case - CRAFT BEER BRAND DEVELOPMENT from creative agency Partyzan  м. Луцьк (PaRtyzan)
Case - CRAFT BEER BRAND DEVELOPMENT from creative agency Partyzan  м. Луцьк (PaRtyzan)
Case - CRAFT BEER BRAND DEVELOPMENT from creative agency Partyzan  м. Луцьк (PaRtyzan)
Case - CRAFT BEER BRAND DEVELOPMENT from creative agency Partyzan  м. Луцьк (PaRtyzan)
Case - CRAFT BEER BRAND DEVELOPMENT from creative agency Partyzan  м. Луцьк (PaRtyzan)
Case - CRAFT BEER BRAND DEVELOPMENT from creative agency Partyzan  м. Луцьк (PaRtyzan)