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We want to share with you a development of the most feminine brand from our portfolio.

SamKa is  premium women’s clothing, which is made of genuine leather and the best Italian textiles. Due to the large variety of offers and free time, we choose our clothes long and meticulously. And often the choice falls on brands that sell not things but a lifestyle. Fashion brands do not show or dictate what is fashionable now. In turn, they offer their vision of what will be fashionable in the future. This is about SAmKa!

SamKa is a lioness, SamKa is hunting, SamKa is independence, SamKa is instincts, SamKa is passion!

The stylized crown symbolizes victory, reward, intuition, power. The brand name “encrypts” the names of the founders of the brand – SAsha and KAtya. With the slogan – Hunt it! – You want to hunt your look right away!

Follow the Instagram Store of SamKa brand and enjoy the stylish founders of the brand as models, see backstages, customer reviews, and special offers