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The team of the creative agency Partyzan together with the Department of Tourism of the Lutsk City Council has developed a communication campaign dedicated to the 935th anniversary of the founding of the city of Lutsk.

The main task of the project was to make a promo of historical symbols, events, and facts. The concept encrypts more than 20 elements related to the history of the city. The best local historians of Volyn helped to choose them. These symbols – for example – the Lutsk Mother of God, castle books, the story of the Lutsk miracle – are not as well known as Lubart’s castle or the clicker. Therefore, with the help of the project, we promoted this information.

A 27-meter-long banner on the central Lutsk building with a “clock” became the main communication element of the campaign. Developed a series of plots, which fell on the media of outdoor advertising – billboards, city lights, LED screens. Designed and manufactured original T-shirts, notebooks, badges. The events in honor of the city day were placed on special posters and postcards. To promote the campaign on the Internet, a series of materials like “Happy Birthday hometown” was developed, which anyone could put on their page on social networks.

Partyzan loves Lutsk!